Best toddler travel bed for flying

Not every toddler bed can be used to travel long distance via planes.  Some are very bulky and will only add up to the weight of your luggage to the extent that you are charged for more weight. It is important to shop for a bed that is lightweight and easy to put

On the Plane

You are not allowed to use toddler travel beds or baby cribs in an airplane while flying but these travel beds should be packed for your destination and checked in as part of your luggage.

On the plane, you can either use what is provided by the airline or better still bring your own baby travel mattress.  You will need to give clear details for your child to the airline during your booking to ensure you are supplied with Bassinet cots or any other type of cot they offer to children.  If you still do not trust what the airline may offer invest in the baby travel mattress.

  • A Baby Travel Mattress is a specially designed mattress that makes flying with an infant better. Most airlines do not allow car seats in the plane and holding your infant all the way is not easy for you.  This mattress is lightweight weighing only 0.3kg and easily portable and is best used with the plane’s infant seat belt to make them more comfortable.  It can be used for ages 0-2 years but it also depends with the size of your infant.  It is a great comfort to the baby as it has wings that hug them for that extra comfort easy to both open and close.

On your destination

Do not rely on the bay cots or cribs that the hotels provide, you are not sure of its hygiene and the last thing you want is to expose your child to a myriad of germs.  Even if you choose to carry your baby’s beddings, the cots maybe end up being too small for them. To avoid all this, invest in a toddler or infant travel bed for your little one and it will end up being a happy travel.

The best toddler/infant travel beds are the ones that are light and are easily put together.  Examples of these beds are:

  • The Lotus Travel Crib and Play Yard – This is suitable for 0-3 years and has raised sides to secure your child from rolling out of bed. It weighs about 5kgs and takes only 15 sec to set it up.  It has an open side mesh door that has a zip where you can carefully put your child through instead of bending all the way down.It’s really small and compact when folded as it measures 24”x7”x11” and when opened it measures 42”Lx24”Wx25”H and easily fits on the carry on.  It is also a great play area and only costs $198 on Amazon.
  • The Kidco peapod plus – This is a great travel bed for ages 1-5 years. It is very light weighing 1.65kgs and comes fully assembled with the sleeping pad attached to the outside bottom side of the peapod. When folded it measures 19”Lx3.5”Wx19”H and when opened it is 52.5”Lx 34”Wx25”H.

There are many other options to choose from take your time before you travel and chose the best toddler travel bed you can get.